Some of my personal projects:

Google WearOS hackathon

At a 24-hour hackathon at Google Cambridge, MA, a team of 3 developers created an gesture-based android wearOS app. We modeled the movement of a 'flick of the wrist' to allow the user to advance slides hands-free during a presentation, without having to reach for a clicker. 1st place.

MBTA Pebble smartwatch app

Using the pebble javascript library, I created an MBTA app that would pull up realtime eta for bus/subway routes in Boston. 300 users/days.

Custom Android Auto install

DIY install of a Nexus 7 android tablet into my old BMW car. Included custom ROM with power-save mode on car off so it could sit for 2-3 weeks without being used and not run out of battery. Since, upgraded further to use android auto over wifi from a paired phone in developer mode.

Irish Wide Area Network (and DublinWAN)

In 2002 I was part of a community-based group (IrishWAN/DublinWAN) who were trialling building a wireless network for the Dublin area, with goals of providing a free and open network for users to collaborate on and as a means to split the high cost (and limited availability) of broadband internet back then. One of the highlights was our first real-world trial of a long distance wifi antenna connection. We were able to get point to point wifi and internet connectivity from the top of the Hill of Howth from a paired antenna in Dun Laoghaire, Dublin - a 6mile wifi connection!

From 2002 - 2005 I built and ran, a free web service that hosted web polls for 3rd party websites. It amassed several thousand users and a small, but enthusiastic community who helped each other set up web polls for their own websites in the forums.

Built with perl and a custom text file-based backend database. Polls were customizable with number of answers, styles and other display options.